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Travelogue: Dec. 18, 2012 ~ Pies!

The culinary journey continues…. finding pies. Merely a photograph entices the appetite… deny yourself no longer. Book a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, stay with us, and explore PV. We would love to have your feedback and additional suggestions for traveling to Puerto Vallarta…

The Original Cornish Pasty in Puerto Vallarta

Leek-and-Thistle (20 of 4)
I really never expected to find proper English pies here! [My mum is English, so we grew up with her home-made ones] But, you can and they are excellent. The Leek and Thistle Pie Company has been around here since 2006 and their popularity is growing.
As Mark Hughes tells the tale; the idea for his business came about while having a few pints with a friend – I also have had a few schemes hatched that way – only his worked. So after many pastry trials, he developed a flaky and delicious crust to hold all of his marvelous fillings. And since he is making English pies, these include meat and fruit offerings.
Leek-and-Thistle (13 of 13)
The pies are truly hand-made – no hi tech dough sheeters here; each and every crush is rolled and pinched by Mark along with the lattice crusts, are cut individually. This process is repeated on average, 150 times a day. Add to this, he makes all the amazing fillings; Chicken with a creamy Leek and Mushrooms, Steak –marinated in Guinness – with Carrots Onions and Thyme, a Fisherman’s Pie – no pastry –  but topped with Parslied-creamy Mashed Potatoes. While many of the pies have simple ingredients, they are so comforting to enjoy. To me that is the essence of very good food – nourishing to both the body and the soul.
The day I was there, he was crafting a selection of fruit pies, Blackberries and Apples, Cranberries and Peach. The fruit is the main star here – chunks of the fruit with a bit of sugar and spice to compliment it. Each pie has it’s own mark on the top to help you identify it – cool! Mark has readied his English holiday mincemeat for the upcoming season. He has a very limited supply of the very best true mincemeat I have had since my mum used to make it – soaked in liquor and containing suet and beef. Charles Dickens would be satisfied, as I was taken back to my own childhood memories of holidays past by the filling’s aroma and taste.

The Leek and Thistle also makes a selection of Savoury Quiches – I had a Camembert and Leek variety. Wonderfully creamy and perfectly ripe cheese accented by the slightly sweet sautéed Leeks. Simply delicious. In addition, they are working on a gluten free version of their pies – using local corn – which should be readied in the near future.

The chalkboard with with the days selection.

The chalkboard with with the days selection.

Hot, fresh and ready to go!

Hot, fresh and ready to go!

Mark is at the Farmer’s Market every weekend and at his shop on Hamburgo Street in the Colonia Versailles district of Vallarta.

Delicious Sausage Rolls - a great walk around snack.

Delicious Sausage Rolls – a great walk around snack.


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